Racer Back Bra

31 Oct

In India we prepare many sweets at home and give our near and dear ones also. This is sure going to lead to weight gain. Are you ready to cope up with the weight gain this festive season? We require to exercise to loose the extra weight that we can gain, as sweets are irresistible. […]

Crystal Bra Straps

18 Oct

Getting ready for a party and realizing that your bra strap is showing and is spoiling your lovely party dress! Most women have experienced the embarrassment of a bra strap being seen, so instead of being embarrassed how about doing something about it rather than trying to hide the strap. You can make a fashion […]

Low Rise Panties- Suitable for Western Outfits

19 Sep

This is the age of western wear. Most of the women, now-a-days, prefer western outfits. The trending style in the western outfit is low waist bottom wears. Whether it be jeans, trousers, skirts or leggings, we love is low waist or low rise. But, wearing these stylish & fashionable low waists can make you feel […]

Full Cover bras

9 Sep

We see that some women have large breast sizes. Which bra to purchase becomes a bit problem for them. What to do when the breast size is too big? There’s one solution. Wear bras with cups that cover the entire breast  and hold the breast tissue in against the body. They are called “Full Cover […]

Black baby doll Sleepwear with Pink Lace

14 Aug

You will feel flattered when you wear this sexy baby doll in black. An alluring embroidered pink lace runs all over your chest area. This baby doll has lace work at your hips with black panels running down. All these combinations make the baby doll sexier. The straps are in black and of smaller width […]

Sexy blue baby doll sleepwear

12 Aug

It’s fun to try new things, especially if you are planning out a romantic getaway or a special night such as your wedding, the classic and sexy look of a baby doll would add a naughty look and bring out your sex appeal making you look and feel like a sexy princess. Our Stripy sexy […]

Sexy red baby doll sleepwear.

8 Aug

Lapeches has a variety of sexy sleepwear and one of it is baby doll sleepwear. Baby doll sleepwear is now an romanticized item of adult apparel, often classified as a form of lingerie. A baby doll is known as a baby doll as its short enough to be appropriate for a baby’s doll and as […]

Backless bra, the right bra for deep neckline and backless outfit

2 Aug

Backless Silicone Bra. Choosing the right bra for a deep neckline or a backless gown is very crucial to avoid the straps or the hooks from showing! With so many types of bras available, it’s hard to know what style to pick. If you are planning on wearing dresses and gowns or tops with low […]

Push up Bra for the Indian Women

2 Aug

There are so many types and styles of bras available in the market , that we get confused while purchasing one. In the past Indian women did not think much while buying a bra. But now time has changed and so she also is changing. There are a variety of bras available in the market. We […]

How to take care of your Lingerie

28 Jul

It is recommended that you hand wash your lingerie with lukewarm water and use a mild detergent. Do not use bleaching detergents. Avoid soaking them for too long, rinse thoroughly. Wired bras should never be machine washed, however if you have to, always use a laundry bag,(no lingerie bag! Use a pillowcase) as there are […]