2 Must-Have Bra Styles in Your Lingerie Drawer

4 Oct

Racerback and seamless bras are two bra styles that every woman should have in their lingerie drawer. Let’s see why?

There are plenty or different bra styles available in the market today. With such a wide array of designs and styles, it becomes difficult for women to buy bra sets. Well, racerback and seamless bras are two bra styles that we will discuss.

Seamless Bras:

While wearing tight clothing, nothing looks better than smooth and invisible shaping. A seamless bra offers just that, and therefore is a must have in your lingerie drawer. Good seamless bras can do wonders for your outfit and figure.Black Racer Back Bra

The cups in seamless bras are made from a single, whole piece of fabric, which is molded into a permanent shape. This helps in providing a smooth look from under the clothing. These types of bras are often called t-shirt bras; because they are they can be worn under even the tightest clothing.

Seamless bras come in a wide variety of styles which include seamless sports bras, full figure bras, plunge bras, strapless bras, etc. They also have a variety of cups, like molded, foam, padded, unpadded, lined and unlined.

The main idea behind seamless bras is a smooth and invisible look. These bras are comfortable, provide streamline support and also hide those dreaded nipples poking through your dress or top. They are great for any outfit no matter how thin the material on your dress or blouse is. Well, what more could you want?

Racerback Bras:

If you want a bra that does not show with sleeveless tops, or perhaps you need more support while working out, then a racerback bra is what you should consider. This unique bra style enables the straps to be pulled in close to the backline and away from the shoulders.

Racerback bras are a relatively new bra style, and are somewhat in between a sports bra and regular bras. The racerback design features straps that sit close to the neck right at the start of the shoulders and remain hidden under tops that have large armholes. Also, the racerback design offers tremendous amount of support, which is exactly what you need while working out.

Racerback bras have become very popular off late due to the popularity of tank tops. In case you wear a lot of tank tops, you will definitely want to have this bra style in your collection. Also, lookout for bras with molded cups or padded designs in order to eliminate the nipple showing through your top.

Having seen the benefits of both these bra styles, it is no surprise that they are so immensely popular and need to be a part of every woman’s lingerie drawer. So, what are you waiting for? Logon to a reputed online lingerie store and order these bra styles right away.

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