4 Tips to Buy the Perfect Bra and Panty Set

3 Apr

Whether you’re leaving for office, going for a party or going to bed, a nice pair of erotic innerwear can make a great deal of difference not just in the way you look, but also the way you feel! Wearing the right choice of lingerie can add a new meaning to your life. No matter what you’re wearing on top, wearing the perfect bras and panty set will boost your confidence and make you feel good. Here are some tips that can prove helpful.

perfect bra

· Keep the Purpose in Mind:

If you are buying matching sets for everyday wear from morning to night, comfort plays the most important factor. For a romantic date, how you look will be more important than how you feel. Different styles serve different purposes. So, keep the purpose in mind while shopping for undergarments.

· Buy According to the Clothes you Wear:

Keep in mind the clothes you’ll be wearing before picking up anything. For instance, if you wear a lot of tight dresses or pants, thong panties are ideal as they prevent embarrassing panty lines. Even bikini panties will do the trick if you wear a lot of snug fitting outfits. If you’re involved in exercise or sports, a sports bra is what would serve the purpose. Similarly, cotton bras and panty sets might not be the best choice to wear under skirts and dresses that cause static cling.

· Choose the Right Fabric:

Choose a fabric that is soft, stretchy and comfortable. Unlike yesterday, women’s underwear today is available in a variety of fabrics such as cotton, silk, lace, Lycra, Spandex and even leather. Don’t just buy something in leather because it looks good and makes you feel naughty. Remember, innerwear is all about comfort. Opt for fabrics that offer comfort and breathability. And don’t worry, if you choose the right style, the sensuous and naughty aspect will automatically follow.

· Look Around for the Best Deals:

Buying lingerie today is quite an expensive affair. If you are shopping on a fixed budget, look around a little to find something affordable. Now, affordable doesn’t necessarily mean cheap quality. You are sure to come across an assortment of stylish, good quality women’s underwear if you take some time to shop. Try browsing online for some of the best deals and discounts. Who knows, you may be in for a real surprise while shopping online, and might come across designer brands at discounted rates.

The market today is flooded with a mind boggling assortment of designs, styles and brands. Every brand has its own line of bras and panty sets available in a variety of styles, colors, fabrics and price ranges. All women need to do is look around a bit and be sure of what they want, and they are sure to come across the perfect lingerie.


· This was a nice post and I loved reading through it. Undergarments play an important role in any woman’s life. These were some very basic tips but are really helpful.

· With such a wide variety of undergarments to choose from, it often gets overwhelming while shopping. I love matching lingerie and prefer to shop online. Believe me, it’s really convenient.

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