7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wearing Thongs

14 Nov

There are a lot of reasons to wear thongs more often! The majority of women think this panty style can only be worn with certain outfits or for special occasions. However, thong panties can be worn every single day. Here are some reasons to wear this amazing piece of lingerie!

•    No Embarrassing Panty Lines

Visible panty lines are definitely women’s worst nightmare. While in office, if you are wearing white pants and the pink bow-tie panties underneath are visible to everyone; there’s no doubt you would be embarrassed! Of the many reasons to wear thongs, the greatest is that visible panty lines become literally nonexistent. There will be no shame or embarrassment in wearing those tight white pants in the office.

•    No Ride Up

A lot of women prefer to wear thong panties because it is one of the few underwear styles that don’t ride up on them. In case you’ve had the unfortunate experience of having your panties cling, ride up or give you a frontal wedgie, try thongs!

•    Comfort

A lot of women have the impression that wearing thongs underwear is very uncomfortable. Well, this is wrong! In fact, the opposite is true. A great reason to wear this panty is that it is a comfortable piece of underwear, simply because there is so little fabric. In addition, the smooth and silky cotton ones don’t cause any chafing at all.

•    No Undesired Attention

In case you are wearing thongs that fit perfectly and are not sporting a “whale tail”, no one would know what you are wearing. With your usual panties, you can get some undesirable attention due to visible panty lines. You will not face any embarrassing situations with a thong.

•    Look Good in Everything You Wear

Whether you’re passionate about fashion or just wear whatever is comfy, your clothes will look much better with a thong underneath. It is not just the visible panty lines. Thongs are a lot more discreet than standard panties, so you can be more daring with the style, design, fabric and color of clothes you wear.

•    A Big Turn On For Your Partner

A lot of men actually consider women’s thong underwear the sexiest thing a woman can wear. They definitely don’t want to see their woman in grandma panties. Many women don’t think thong panties go well with their personality, but wearing this sexy undergarment can be just that dose of sensuousness that is missing underneath. Irrespective of whether you are in perfect shape or not, this panty style is a huge turn on and definitely a deal maker. There are even plus size thongs for women who are not petite.

•    Changes How You Feel On The Outside

Most women who wear this panty style say it makes them feel more attractive and confident. It is probably because it is the one piece of lingerie that can be worn on a daily basis and yet is full of sex appeal. It is obvious why this panty is considered as the sexiest undergarment out there!

Irrespective of your age or how much confidence you have, consider trying thongs for women and open yourself to some change. You will be surprised to find the difference this panty style will make for you!

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