Backless bra, the right bra for deep neckline and backless outfit

2 Aug

Backless Silicone Bra.

Choosing the right bra for a deep neckline or a backless gown is very crucial to avoid the straps or the hooks from showing! With so many types of bras available, it’s hard to know what style to pick. If you are planning on wearing dresses and gowns or tops with low backs, then it’s best to opt for a Backless Bra. A bra that’s glued on to your breast instead of the regular straps high on your back, allows you to show a little skin without being self-conscious about what’s underneath.

Backless bra, the right bra for deep neckline and backless outfit

Backless (Silicone cups) usually have a mild adhesive which stick to the skin and helps to stay on. However, if you are using a size larger than a B cup, then you may face some issues. This option works best for women with small to moderately sized busts. From the front, it looks and feels like a ‘normal’ bra. It can usually be worn up to 15 to 20 times.

There’s a knack to putting this on. You need to position each cup correctly the first time as the adhesive sometimes makes adjustments a bit difficult. Once it is in place, the glue all over the cup covers everything, even your nipple – so there is no way it could fall off.

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