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Full Cover bras

9 Sep

We see that some women have large breast sizes. Which bra to purchase becomes a bit problem for them. What to do when the breast size is too big? There’s one solution. Wear bras with cups that cover the entire breast  and hold the breast tissue in against the body. They are called “Full Cover […]

Matching Bra and Panty Sets: 5 Simple Tips To Help You Choose

25 Feb

Twin Set

Who doesn’t love to get gorgeous lingerie as a gift from their partner? Would you be as pleased if you got only the bra? Well, I know I wouldn’t be! Why not cherish yourself in the same way? It might need a bit of advance planning, but you’re definitely worth it. Here are some smart and […]

4 Tips to Buy the Perfect Bra and Panty Set

3 Apr

Whether you’re leaving for office, going for a party or going to bed, a nice pair of erotic innerwear can make a great deal of difference not just in the way you look, but also the way you feel! Wearing the right choice of lingerie can add a new meaning to your life. No matter […]

What Bra Style Should I Buy?

25 Jul

With such a wide variety of bra styles in the market today, women find it hard to decide what style to buy. Here are some top bra styles to help you decide what to buy We are still a society that judges us by the way we look. In order to look good on the […]

Choose the Bra Style that Suits You Best

10 Nov

Today, women can find a wide array of bras on sale. These bras are available in various styles and serve a different function. With so many bra styles available, it gets confusing and becomes difficult for women to choose what suits them perfectly. Let’s discuss some bra styles which will help women buy bra sets […]

Secrets to Buying Lingerie for Your Wife or Girlfriend

6 Nov

Walking into a lingerie store to buy bra sets, panties, corsets or lingerie of any kind for their wife’s or girlfriends can be quite an uncomfortable experience for some men. Having said that, some men do not mind shopping for lingerie but they are not sure of what type of lingerie to buy for their […]

Gifting the Perfect Lingerie

2 Nov

So you are a man who is thinking of an excellent gift for your wife or girlfriend and do not want to take the predictable way of presenting flowers, chocolates, shoes, etc. If you want to do something that is different and special, something which would be spicy, bold and exciting, then how about gifting […]

Elegant Silk and Satin Lingerie is Back in Vogue

1 Nov

Classic satin and silk lingerie is back in vogue as a result of its smooth and silky feel. Women love the feel of silk and satin lingerie sets because of the comfort they offer. They revel in the feel and look of materials such as rayon and acetate, but their top favorite continues to be […]

Taking Proper Care Of Lingerie

22 Sep

Whenever women buy bra sets or sexy lingerie of any kind, the feel and look of their new intimate apparel is soft and sensuous. Satin and silk lingerie is luxurious and alluring to touch and beautiful to see. Wearing attractive baby dolls or teddies is quite easy and effortless. However, taking proper care of these […]

Erotic Lingerie: Shopping with Your Partner

21 Sep

Shopping for erotic lingerie sets as a couple is an excellent way to spice up your lives. If you have never tried it, you are definitely missing something. Browsing for erotic bra and panty sets along with your partner can help you reach a higher level of intimacy in a fun and light hearted way. […]