Choose the Bra Style that Suits You Best

10 Nov

Today, women can find a wide array of bras on sale. These bras are available in various styles and serve a different function. With so many bra styles available, it gets confusing and becomes difficult for women to choose what suits them perfectly. Let’s discuss some bra styles which will help women buy bra sets which are perfect for them.   


Convertible Bra – These bras have detachable straps or bands which can be adjusted so that the bra can be worn with different kind of outfits, such as backless or strapless dresses.


Minimiser Bra – This bra is specifically designed for plus size women who might want their breasts to look smaller. This bra style compresses as well as shapes the breast and makes it them appear a size smaller.


Padded Bra – This bra has compartments which are built into the cups and hold the foam pads. The compartments could be under, around or perhaps over the breast area in order to enhance shape.


Shelf Bras – This bra has a rigid band that fits under the bra and pushes the breasts upwards. They only have half cups so that most of the breast area is exposed and gives the impression of the breasts been placed on a shelf.


Bandeau – This bra consists of a band that goes around the breast area. This bra is designed only for coverage and does not provide shape or support. It is a very popular as a bikini top.


Cupless Bra – This bra has no cups and offers very little support. It is usually worn as part of an exotic bra and panty set.


Front Closure Bra– A majority of bras on sale have fasteners on the straps that are worn at the back. However, this bra fastens in the front. It helps make the strap at the back look virtually flat and makes the bra less visible under tight fitting outfits.


Sports Bra – This bra is specifically designed for women who are involved in sports activities and work out very often. This bra provides maximum support for the breasts in order to prevent them from bouncing while exercising.


Full Support Bra – This bra is worn by full breasted women as daily innerwear. It offers maximum support and comfort all through the day.


Strapless Bra – This bra does not have shoulder straps and is useful while wearing outfits that reveal the shoulder area.


Maternity Bra – This bra style is specifically designed for breast feeding mothers. The bra cups can expand over time in order to hold growing breasts during pregnancy. The cups can be unfastened to allow access while breast feeding.


Sheer Bra – This bra style is made using fabrics that are translucent and therefore it allows see through effect.


Softcup Bra – This bra does not have an underwire or any other type of rigidity. It only relies on the strength of the fabric in order to support the breasts.


Underwire Bra – This is also an extremely popular bra on sale.  An underwire bra has a plastic or metal band or wire which runs within the fabric under the breasts. This enables the bra to provide a lot more support for the breasts instead of relying only on the fabric.


Push Up Bra – This is an extremely popular bra on sale. A push up bras is designed to lift as well as push the breasts together. It gives the impression of an enhanced cleavage while wearing a t-shirt or low cut dress.


Gel and Water Bras – This bra design is an advancement of the push up bra. Similar to the push up bra, it has compartments inside the bra cups which contain padding. However, instead of the padding being made of cotton or perhaps any other material, the compartments have pads which are filled with water or silicone gel. It enhances the breast area and offers a natural look.


These were some bra styles for women. Most bras can be in a bra and panties match or a single piece.

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