Convertible Bras: The Lingerie that Sports Versatility

8 Sep

Convertible bras are an important piece of lingerie to have as part of your wardrobe, besides the sexy bra and panty sets and breathable bras. A convertible bra is a great option to wear while we mix and match our outfits. These bras are specifically designed to provide support to the breasts while wearing different styles of tops. Convertible Bra

Well, what is a convertible bra? Let’s find out.

A convertible bra is a type of brassiere that has detachable straps at various points. You could wear the straps in different ways like halter, classic, one strap, crisscross or racer back depending on what outer top you’re wearing. The main intention behind wearing a convertible bra is, needing only one bra that matches the different types of tops that you wear, rather than multiple bras with different strap styles.

If you think of it, even though convertible bras on sale are priced higher than usual bra sets, it will actually help you save on money. This is because, a convertible bra can be used with different types of tops and you don’t need to buy different bra styles to wear with different types of tops.

There are different types of classic bras on salewith removable straps that will go well with any kind of top when the straps are removed. For instance, a strapless bra will do well with a racer back or halter styled shirt. However, the question is whether it provides enough support to the breast. For women who have smaller breasts, this might not be an issue. But for women with a larger size or C-cups, they would find it difficult to maintain their breasts in place with a strapless bra. Hence, an underwire bra with straps is important, irrespective of how little their contribution is towards supporting the breasts. At least you will not feel that your boobs are bumping around while you walk.

With a convertible bra set, this problem is taken care of since you still get to have the straps as well as manage the way in which the straps need to be styled. For instance, if you wear a single sleeved shirt, the one strap style is perfect to use. If you a wearing a crisscross styled top, then you can wear your convertible bra in the same crisscross way so that the top covers the innerwear. Now, how versatile can that get?


In order to buy a perfect fitting convertible bra on sale, it is very important to make sure of your exact measurement. Bras that do not fit well would cause a lot of discomfort irrespective of what the style of the bra is. So, make sure to always get the measurement right and in turn get the perfect fit. Take a measure of your breasts prior to buying only a bra on sale or a bra and panties match, just in case the old measurement has changed.

What you need to check next is the fabric or material of the convertible bra on sale. A bra made from moisture absorbing fabric will help in absorbing sweat and make you feel more comfortable, especially since we all know how uncomfortable it gets when we are drenched in sweat. However, the fabric alone is not always enough, considering you are an active woman who perspires a lot. In such a case, opting for convertible bras that breathe is the right thing to do. Convertible bras are available as one piece as well as in a bra any panty set. These types of bras have padding with pores in order to promote a better circulation of air around the breast area. The perforations on the bra make it possible for the sweat to get out and air to get in easily. In this way, the process of drying will become much faster and you will be left feeling drier and a whole lot more comfortable all through the day.

With the help of a convertible bra, you can wear your sexy tops without having to worry about your bra showing through the top. Wearing a convertible bra will offer you the freedom of wearing different types of outfits as well as have the same level of breast support.

2 Responses to “Convertible Bras: The Lingerie that Sports Versatility”

  1. Ammy September 8, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

    I agree with the writer of this article. Convertible bras are really awesome. I wear them with almost everything I wear without having to bother about the bra straps showing.

  2. Katty September 8, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    The article was brief but interesting. I have always wanted to buy a convertible bra but never really got down to buying one. After reading this post I will go and pick one right away.

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