Ensure a Perfect Bra Fit with These Tips

2 Sep

The bra has come a long way since the idea first came about. You would not want to experience wearing a bra set that is two sizes small or big. It is important to remember that innerwear can make or break the outfit.


Choosing and wearing the perfect bra set is important and in this post we will discuss some simple tips to consider while choosing a bra set or a bra and panties match. Having said that, let’s see some simple tips for you to follow before you decide to pick a bra on sale. Perfect Bra Fit

Confirm your cup size:


A lot of women if not most, wear the wrong cup size. In order to know the right size, firstly measure around the rib cage by placing the measuring tape directly under the breasts. This would give you an under-bust measurement. Now for the right cup size, take a measurement around the fullest area of the breast and then deduct the measure from the under bust measurement.


Considering that the difference is 1 inch, you have an A cup

Considering that the difference is 2 inches; you have a B cup

Considering that the difference is 3 inches; you have a C cup.

Nowadays, you will even find ½ sizes if you cannot find a whole size that fits right.


Make sure to find the right fit:


Always make sure that the bra band, which goes across the back must be in line with the front. For instance, the band must not pull up towards the neck or between the shoulder blades. However, if it does, you know it’s not the right fit.


The back strap must also be comfortable and not very tight. If it is very tight, the underarm and back skin will roll over in spite of you being slim. It’s important to avoid this as it could make you look fatter than you actually are. The shoulder straps must sit firm on the skin, but again, not very tight.


If you have a curvaceous figure, you might want to wear a fuller coverage bra set in order to get a smooth contour without an overhang from the cups. You could even opt for a comfortable push up bra set wherein the cups fit close to the breasts. You would want to avoid any gaps between the breast and the cups of the bra as it could make you feel uncomfortable under the clothing.


Find the right style for your outfit:


With so many bra set styles available today, it is easy for a woman to find a bra set that goes well under almost any outfit. From smooth, to backless, to halter, to strapless, to racer back, you can find a bra set to serve the purpose. Find the right bra style that compliments your outfit while keeping the perfect fit rules in mind.


Choose comfort over style:


You don’t need to compromise with style and sexiness for comfort. However, it is always better to wear something comfortable instead of wearing something for mere style and feeling uncomfortable. There are numerous brands and styles of bras and panty sets available in the markets that are cute, sensuous, stylish and above all comfortable. Just wear what fits well and allows you to feel stylish and comfortable at the same time.


Built in Bras:


A common question a lot of women have is whether built-in-bras really work. Well, if you are busty, built in bra tops don’t provide a whole lot of support. It is always better to wear a bra underneath the built in bra tops if you want to wear them for some extra support. However, it is an individual preference and not a compulsion as such. Keep in mind that you can have both comfort and sensuousness, so you don’t need to give up any one of them.


Having said that, I believe you are now ready to buy bra sets. However, and it might take some trial and error before you will find the perfect fitting bra set. But it’s definitely worth it at the end, as you will be able to look good and feel comfortable. Thank you.

2 Responses to “Ensure a Perfect Bra Fit with These Tips”

  1. shally September 2, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

    I really found the tips mentioned in this article to be very helpful. The next time I go shopping for lingerie, I will most definitely keep these tips in mind. Thank you.

  2. anglina September 2, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

    Interesting I must say. I use built in bras sometimes but never considered wearing a bra under that for support. I will surely try doing that the next time I wear a built in bra.

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