Full Cover bras

9 Sep

We see that some women have large breast sizes. Which bra to purchase becomes a bit problem for them. What to do when the breast size is too big? There’s one solution. Wear bras with cups that cover the entire breast  and hold the breast tissue in against the body. They are called “Full Cover Bras”. These bras provide full coverage to the chest. The straps are wide and hold the breast   tightly against the chest. Thus, preventing the breasts from making movements. These come in light padding or no padding at all. A full coverage bra can also look smooth or invisible under the clothes. Indian women mostly prefer and feel comfortable in bras that provide full coverage. These bras provide full support and prevent from women’s chest “spilling” from the bra cups. They can be worn with evening wear, with your professional work wardrobe, on your date night or for every day. Full Cup Bras goes with any dress, formal or informal, ethnic or traditional.

Cover bras prevent the breasts from bulging. They give full support to the breasts.


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