Get Rid Of Your ‘Visible Bra Strap’ Problems Once in For All With Convertible Bras!

2 Jul

When I buy bra, unless it is to fulfill a need, I usually make impulse purchases. I prefer the push up bra, satin or lace creations and even the more daring plunge neckline bras when making such impulse purchases. It is only when I try these on with some of my more favorite clothes do I realize that these are definitely not meant for all my halter tops, my backless gowns and the more adventurously plunging necklines of some of my favorite clothes.


I just hate the straps peeking out from all over and I definitely hate the way my olive green off-shoulder top looks with the nude straps that I just cannot hide. It is then that I always make the decision to buy bra that cater to my specific needs henceforth, a decision that is promptly overlooked each time I pass the display window of my favorite lingerie shop.


Yet, I have not now learnt all the wonderful features of a convertible bra and am loving the freedom that it affords me… the freedom to choose just about anything to wear on the spur of the moment, without worrying about the undergarments that go with it.


A convertible bra is usually a bra with a deep, plunging balconette neckline and straps that can be converted to suit different styles. As the name suggests then, a convertible bra can become a strapless bra if one detaches its bra straps. It can also easily become a halter neck bra or even a racer-back bra with straps that cross each other at the back just by rearranging the straps. By adjusting the straps of a convertible bra according to your needs, you can give yourself full support beneath your outer outfit without playing peek-a-boo with your bra straps.


For a completely backless dress you can try a clever backless bra that gives full support without the back straps spoiling the appearance of your sexy dress. To avoid see through bra outlines, you ca try a seamless convertible bra, and yes, you can easily find these in physical as well as online stores. You will have better choices if you look for such lingerie online, as you are not limited to a certain vicinity of stores here.


As your bra is most definitely an undergarment, unless you are one of those few who prefer to make a (mostly disastrous) style statement by making it an outer one, your ultimate goal must often be to keep your bra visibility to zero. For this however, you need not keep those racer back t’s and the beautiful halters for indoor use.


Convertible bras can be used to create just the right variations for your outfits. For example, you can create just the perfect X with your bra straps or even go strapless under your racer back and get yourself the full support of a bra without the worries of visible bra straps.


So unless you have the luxury of an extensive lingerie closet that has all kinds of bras, the backless ones, the ones with plunging necklines, backless bras, bras with nude or transparent straps, bras with no straps and racer back bras, you can just save some of your money and get yourself a multi-purpose convertible bra that can make all the other bras redundant. Be smart and save like this, for it will only give you more leeway to splurge on things you love like other naught, lacey, racey lingerie maybe?


Be smart and save like this, for it will only give you more leeway to splurge on things you love like other naught, lacey, racey lingerie maybe?

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