Gold Bikini Set For Cancer Charity

20 Apr

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The Peches brand came into limelight about three years ago. It caught the public fancy when Peches, a European women’s lifestyle store, displayed a stunning work of art, for ten days, at the Atria Mall in Worli, Mumbai. The piece put up on public exhibition was an exquisitely crafted bikini set made of gold and studded with rubies and topazes. Thin wires of 0.07mm gold fibers were wired together to build the fabric and the pieces were decorated with 409 rubies, 215 white and 1 blue topazes. The hand-crafted bra had one large gold flower that was adorned with a 21 carat blue topaz in the center. It had two small, gold flowers fixed on the straps and this matched the four similarly small gold flowers on the thong.

The praiseworthy feature of this bikini set was the effort that went into making it. The set was pieced together in four hundred hours by five skilled craftsmen. The piece weighed 357.180 gms in gold and had 53.170 carats of rubies and 49.668 carats of topaz. It was auctioned at a special show and the entire proceeds were donated to the Cancer Patients Aid Association. A very personal reason prompted the directors of Peches to take up this auction to garner greater awareness about cancer, and that was to promote new research on the disease. Not only did this exhibition result in the contribution of money towards cancer research but it also provided Peches with a launch pad into a newer Indian market.

Peches has always been and will always be involved in charitable ventures. In 2008, when a strong earthquake hit Ziarat in Pakistan, Peches and its friends raised over 7000 USD from USA, Canada, Russia and India to donate over 1500 blankets to the victims. The pictures of this and all our other endeavors are available on our website.

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