How to take care of your Lingerie

28 Jul

It is recommended that you hand wash your lingerie with lukewarm water and use a mild detergent. Do not use bleaching detergents. Avoid soaking them for too long, rinse thoroughly. Wired bras should never be machine washed, however if you have to, always use a laundry bag,(no lingerie bag! Use a pillowcase) as there are chances of the underwire coming off the bra during the spin phase, this may damage the machine. First fasten the clasps as this will stop the hooks from attaching themselves onto expensive lace and ripping a hole in the Bra.

Drying your bras: Never dry your bras on a rack or a clothes line, gravity will pull and stretch the fabric causing it to change shape. Lay your bras flat of a towel to dry them out properly. Avoid drying them in the sun or over any direct source of heat like a radiator or tumble dry as this will spoil the elastic in the bra. If you use wired lingerie, don’t attempt to squeeze the excess water out of the cups, this will distort the shape of the cup.

Never put lingerie in the dryer: Never, ever put your bra in the dryer. One of the symbols on your bra tag, the square with the semi circle on top, means lay flat for drying.

Ironing: Keep that iron away from you bra. It does not wrinkle so there’s no need for ironing. Ironing it will ruin the bra.

Storing your Lingerie: You have taken the time washing them properly, so don’t just throw them in your cupboard or drawer under all the clothes. Keep a separate drawer for your lingerie and stack them up. This will look neater and help keep their shape.

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