Intimate Wear for Women

7 Sep

Over a period of time, clothes as well as undergarments have been continuously changing to serve the dual, and quite often contradictory, reasons involving comfort along with fashion. Let’s discuss a few of the various kinds of intimate wear that are accessible to women in today’s times. Women Lingerie

The brassiere or bra set has been around for a very long time now. It has substituted the corset as being a way to help support the breasts. Modern day bras on sale tend to be form fitting and are usually designed to improve a woman’s body shape in addition to providing support. You can buy bra sets in a wide array of designs, colors, as well as fabrics, most often with matching panties. The bra styles often reflect wider trends in women’s fashion, ranging from the cone-shape to the modern day demi cup and push up bras along with low necklines.

Panties tend to be the widest ranging aspect of women’s intimate clothing, which range from the full coverage briefs to the barely covering thongs. Panties for sale can be bought in a wide variety of fabrics, designs, and colors combined with the latest fashions which seem to be fluctuating between the comfort and coverage of full cut boy shorts and hipsters as well as the sex appeal of a revealing thong or g-string.

Shapewear garments are typically designed in order to enhance as well as control the shape of a woman’s body and help her to gain a more attractive figure. The majority of present day shapewear is made of lightweight and firm fitting fabrics such as Lycra and spandex. The most popular design is a bodysuit or perhaps body brief, which is a lot like the leotard but usually stretching right down to the thigh or knee in order to smooth and shape the hips and thigh region. Shapewear consists of control pantyhose, briefs, slips as well as bras that usually depend on sections of elastic mesh fabric to hold in and shape the problem areas. A few of the older types of shapewear continue to be around, with girdles, corsets, as well as garter belts going through a revival in recent times.

Slips are likely to be among the least attractive yet most practical forms of intimate wear. Donned beneath a skirt or dress, the slip helps it to hang smoothly rather than stick, it helps make sheer fabrics more difficult to see through, and can certainly add warmth during the cold weather. Furthermore, they help protect the fabric from sweating and offer a layer in between rough fabrics and sensitive skin, which might otherwise be quite uncomfortable. Slips are available in full versions that hang from the shoulders to the thigh or knee length as well as half versions that begin around the midsection. Slips are worn over regular innerwear and are generally made with a smooth, slippery fabric.

Camisoles & Tanks:
Camisoles and tank tops are usually worn to cover the breast area. They could be worn over or perhaps in place of a bra, and could be worn with a half-slip in order to give an impression of a full slip. Camisoles range from silky or lacy designs to more practical cotton or Lycra designs intended to be worn as tops or perhaps underneath a vest or blouse. Most often, one can use them to cover a low neckline or to wear beneath a jacket or button down top.

Although all women’s innerwear and intimate clothing can technically be referred to as lingerie, the term lingerie is most often used for garments that are designed to be both trendy as well as sensual. Lingerie sets are made from stylish trim designs and sheer or flexible fabrics that aren’t as common in day-to-day intimate clothing. Whilst other undergarments are made mainly for support, lingerie sets are designed with the intent of being viewed as appealing as well as enticing.

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  1. Meena September 7, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    Undergarments play such an important role in a woman’s life. I love sensuous lingerie for 2 reasons, firstly I love the designs and fabrics used and secondly my hubby loves me to wear lingerie rather that the usual cotton innerwear.

  2. Anna September 7, 2011 at 1:48 pm #

    Innerwear can make or break a woman’s confidence. It can cause major discomfort and embarrassment if not worn correctly. Am glad that there is such a wide range of undergarments for women today as compared to grandma’s days. I mean, so many colors, fabrics, sizes, designs, etc, it all sounds so fantastic.

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