Lingerie Styles and You

26 Aug

Today fashion trends have gone beyond just the visual aspect. Designers continue to better the art of fashion designing by creating sensuous, sexy and eye catching lingerie sets which enhance the sensuality of woman.

Animal print Lingerie

While shopping for lingerie, it is important to get the right fit. Getting professionally measured for bras can surely improve the way you look and feel. However, it is essential to wear innerwear which flatters your figure as well as matches your personality. Wearing lingerie sets that complement both a fashion statement as well as match your personality will always make you feel more confident and comfortable.

A style is what differentiates certain types of erotic lingerie. Some women fancy costume lingerie like cat suits, nurse’s uniform, etc. whereas others opt for cup less or open bust lingerie, baby doll lingerie, laced corsets and so on. There are many advantages looking into various lingerie styles as it gives you a fair idea of what you can wear. For instance, some women may want to choose certain styles to please their partners while others would want to mix and match and come up with the ideal lingerie set.

Surprisingly, there are different lingerie styles to go with every piece of clothing that you would wear. With a wide range of lingerie styles, it is not very difficult to figure out which style matches your personality.

If you are a casual person, you could possibly wear a t-shirt bra. Women who love casual wear feel quite comfortable in t-shirts and most likely opt for bras sets with a perfect cup size, which will give them proper support and shaping. And if you’re wearing a t-shirt along with a cool pair of jeans, wear a low rise panty as it would really complement your look and make you feel comfortable.

For a laid back person, it is a must to wear lingerie sets which offer ultimate comfort. Soft cup bras would be perfect for you. They offer support to your breasts, but without the underwire sewn into the cups. Cotton panties would add to the comfort when you sit back and relax during the day.


If you are an athletic woman, you will need that extra bit of support from your innerwear. A sports bra is a must for you. In contrast to other bras, sports bras are specifically made to offer extra support while working out. They are designed to control the bounce or movement of the breasts so that you don’t experience any tissue damage. In addition to this, sports bras include moisture wicking abilities to help you stay comfortable even while you are sweating it out.

For that sensuous and sexy feeling, combine your hot and sexy outfit along with a plunge bra to highlight the cleavage. You could even wear a push-up bra for maximum lift or a demi cup bra if you want to show more cleavage yet look elegant. If you are wear a skirt that’s body-hugging, wear a thong or g-string panty to make sure that that there are no panty lines visible. You could also wear some seamless panty that gives the same ‘no panty line’ look.


If you don’t want to look too revealing, wear a lace bra. It is not as revealing, yet offers a feeling of elegance. Match it along with a lace panty to complete an elegant bra and panties set.

Irrespective of your personality, you are certain to find a bra and thongs set, bra and panties match or lingerie set that will complement you. Lingerie designers are aware that women have different choices and moods. Therefore, they create a wide range of styles to showcase every woman’s personality. From small to plus size, women can surely find innerwear that reflects who they are.

With so many different lingerie designs available today, women can choose and pick whatever style they want, to feel comfortable and sensuous. They can wear something elegant like a robe or something vivid and bold like a cup less or open bust lingerie set.

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  1. SANA August 27, 2011 at 4:54 am #

    Wow, I didn’t know that lingerie can be bought according to a woman’s mood and personality. It was indeed fun to read through this interesting article. I will look forward to reading more information regarding lingerie and innerwear posted by you.

  2. Roshani August 27, 2011 at 4:54 am #

    I spend a lot of time working out in the gym. I always wear a sports bra while am working out. It is really comfortable and holds the breasts in place as well as soaks up sweat. I would recommend using sports bras while working out or playing any kind of sport.

    • Jose December 15, 2012 at 3:02 am #

      Amazing issues here. I’m very glad to see your aclrite. Thanks so much and I’m having a look forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a mail?

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