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Crystal Bra Straps

18 Oct

Getting ready for a party and realizing that your bra strap is showing and is spoiling your lovely party dress! Most women have experienced the embarrassment of a bra strap being seen, so instead of being embarrassed how about doing something about it rather than trying to hide the strap. You can make a fashion […]

Full Cover bras

9 Sep

We see that some women have large breast sizes. Which bra to purchase becomes a bit problem for them. What to do when the breast size is too big? There’s one solution. Wear bras with cups that cover the entire breast  and hold the breast tissue in against the body. They are called “Full Cover […]

Bandeau Bra

17 Jul

Bandeau Bra

Bandeau bra is a simple strip of material that is usually stretchy & wraps around a women’s breasts. This material is often made of cotton blends, viscose, nylon, silk & spandex. It provides little support & shaping.

Adhesive Bras

9 Jul

Adhesive bra-Adhesive bras, also known as stick on bras or silicone bras, are the best to wear as a backless, strapless bra that adheres to the underside of the breast using a medical grade adhesive. These bras are usually made up of silicone, polyurethane or a similar material.  

Tips & Tests for Finding the Perfect Fitting Bra

3 Apr

Bra Fit Tests to Find the Right Size It’s one thing to say how a bra should fit, but eventually you are the ultimate judge of what bra style and size you finally decide to wear. An ill fitting bra can cause a lot of discomfort and affect the way you look. Here’s a list […]

Shopping Online Will Offer A Wider Selection of Bras

21 Jan

The introduction of online shopping has completely transformed the way people shop for clothes, footwear, lingerie and almost everything under the sun. It is not at all surprising to see that shopping for bras online is becoming so popular these days. The reason why so many ladies have turned to this mode of shopping is […]

Wear A Push Up Bikini and Feel Confident and Sensuous

10 Dec

With the arrival of summer, the markets are flooded with some of the latest and fabulous swimwear designs. Choosing the perfect swimwear does not necessarily have to be a complicated and confusing task. If you are thinking about getting a push up bra and bikini panty set this year, it is perfect choice you’ve made! […]

Want to survive a breakup? Go lingerie shopping like Katie

27 Aug

Want to survive a breakup? Go lingerie shopping like Katie: Actress Katie Holmes reportedly splurged USD 15,000 on lingerie following her split from Tom Cruise. The 33-year-old, whose divorce from Cruise was finalised earlier this week, reportedly went on a lavish spending spree to cheer herself up following the breakdown of her five-year marriage, reported […]

Top Tips For Buying Lingerie

26 Jul

Lingerie is more than just intimate apparel for women. Read on for some top lingerie buying tips to help you choose the perfect lingerie. Be sure of your size: The most important aspect of buying lingerie is being sure of the right size. It is important that the lingerie fits perfectly and feels comfortable. Poor […]

Secrets to Buying Lingerie for Your Wife or Girlfriend

6 Nov

Walking into a lingerie store to buy bra sets, panties, corsets or lingerie of any kind for their wife’s or girlfriends can be quite an uncomfortable experience for some men. Having said that, some men do not mind shopping for lingerie but they are not sure of what type of lingerie to buy for their […]