Mistakes Women Make While Buying Bras

25 Jul

While shopping for bras, women often make some mistakes that result in uncomfortable and ill fitting bras. Read on to know about some common mistakes that women make while buying brasPush Up Bra

Often when women feel uncomfortable while wearing a bra, they instantly blame the undergarment and feel it was poorly made and is not worth the money spent. However, the fact is that the problem may not just be the quality of the undergarment. The problem is that women make the wrong choice when they buy bra sets. Let’s discuss some of the most common mistakes that women make when they buy bras.

The first mistake that women make is while choosing the right bra size. Well, all bra sizes are not the same and there is no such thing as a generic bra size because breasts are not created equal. Some women are petite and have small breasts while plus sized women have a bigger bust. Finding the right bra size for should be the utmost priority. These days, if you shop for lingerie online, you would not have a tough time finding your cup size because all you need to do is look for a size chart, which is available on most lingerie websites. Sometimes there are directions on how to measure the breasts, and the figures can easily be compared to those in the size chart.

Another common mistake that women make is opting for the cheapest bra. Well, buying an expensive and good quality bra is more than just for fashion or style. Expensive bras are designed to offer comfort and front support. The fabric is sewn so that the underside wires don’t protrude and scratch the skin. These bras also have ample cup size to cover the breasts properly, particularly for larger breasts.

Women feel shy to ask for help and this could cause problems. Let’s face it; a lot of women are conscious of their breast size. However, if you want to find the perfect bra, you need to come out of your comfort zone and ask for help or else you will end up picking something that is either too small or too large. This in turn could spoil the shape of your breast and make you uncomfortable. If you are in doubts, don’t feel shy to ask for help. If you are uncomfortable talking to someone, get the seller’s e-mail.

Don’t wait too long before buying a new bra. Bras should be updated at least twice a year. Breasts can change size overtime and grow bigger due to weight gain or pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to buy new bras from time to time so that you always wear the right bra size.

Another mistake that women make is not confirming the refund policy. In case you have ordered a push up bra online and receive a sports bra by mistake, you should be able to get it exchanged or get a refund. Sometimes the size could be different from the actual or possibly the bra is badly designed, and you aren’t satisfied with how it fits. Therefore, always make sure that there is an exchange, money-back or refund policy before you order online.

The wrong bra style and size can cause many problems. Therefore, make the right choice and take time in choosing before buying lingerie of any kind.

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