Want to survive a breakup? Go lingerie shopping like Katie

27 Aug

Want to survive a breakup? Go lingerie shopping like Katie: Actress Katie Holmes reportedly splurged USD 15,000 on lingerie following her split from Tom Cruise. The 33-year-old, whose divorce from Cruise was finalised earlier this week, reportedly went on a lavish spending spree to cheer herself up following the breakdown of her five-year marriage, reported […]

Spice Up Your Honeymoon with Sensuous Lingerie

23 Aug

Honeymoon is a special time in a woman’s life and the time in which women want to feel truly beautiful. Sensuous lingerie is something that will help spice up this ‘once in a life’ event. Decades ago, undergarments or lingerie were regarded as unmentionable garments. However, times have changed since then and lingerie has come […]

Top Tips For Buying Lingerie

26 Jul

Lingerie is more than just intimate apparel for women. Read on for some top lingerie buying tips to help you choose the perfect lingerie. Be sure of your size: The most important aspect of buying lingerie is being sure of the right size. It is important that the lingerie fits perfectly and feels comfortable. Poor […]

What Bra Style Should I Buy?

25 Jul

With such a wide variety of bra styles in the market today, women find it hard to decide what style to buy. Here are some top bra styles to help you decide what to buy We are still a society that judges us by the way we look. In order to look good on the […]

Mistakes Women Make While Buying Bras

25 Jul

While shopping for bras, women often make some mistakes that result in uncomfortable and ill fitting bras. Read on to know about some common mistakes that women make while buying bras Often when women feel uncomfortable while wearing a bra, they instantly blame the undergarment and feel it was poorly made and is not worth […]

The Solution for Visible Panty Lines.

6 Jul

Visible panty lines are amongst the most intractable fashion problems that women face today. While panty lines weren’t much of a problem in the past, it has become a huge concern for women today. With tight fitting and low waist clothes, visible panty lines are an embarrassment and a major turn off. Well, here are […]

Get Rid Of Your ‘Visible Bra Strap’ Problems Once in For All With Convertible Bras!

2 Jul

When I buy bra, unless it is to fulfill a need, I usually make impulse purchases. I prefer the push up bra, satin or lace creations and even the more daring plunge neckline bras when making such impulse purchases. It is only when I try these on with some of my more favorite clothes do […]

Choose the Bra Style that Suits You Best

10 Nov

Today, women can find a wide array of bras on sale. These bras are available in various styles and serve a different function. With so many bra styles available, it gets confusing and becomes difficult for women to choose what suits them perfectly. Let’s discuss some bra styles which will help women buy bra sets […]

Secrets to Buying Lingerie for Your Wife or Girlfriend

6 Nov

Walking into a lingerie store to buy bra sets, panties, corsets or lingerie of any kind for their wife’s or girlfriends can be quite an uncomfortable experience for some men. Having said that, some men do not mind shopping for lingerie but they are not sure of what type of lingerie to buy for their […]

Gifting the Perfect Lingerie

2 Nov

So you are a man who is thinking of an excellent gift for your wife or girlfriend and do not want to take the predictable way of presenting flowers, chocolates, shoes, etc. If you want to do something that is different and special, something which would be spicy, bold and exciting, then how about gifting […]