Racer Back Bra

31 Oct

In India we prepare many sweets at home and give our near and dear ones also. This is sure going to lead to weight gain. Are you ready to cope up with the weight gain this festive season? We require to exercise to loose the extra weight that we can gain, as sweets are irresistible. Right?

So gear up pickup the right racer back bra to be worn while exercising. The racer back bra has a “X” type straps which gives that extra support needed to our breasts while running and exercising. The straps are fixed and therefore; you get a free shoulder movement to run or to exercise.

This type of back is often used in sports bras as it quite secure. You can use them under tops that have racer back so that the straps are not visible.

The straps “X” back makes it impossible to fasten it normally. So they have the opening at front or can be elasticated and can be worn from over like a camisole. Now-a-days these racer back bras also come in back hook.

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