Sensuous Panty Styles for Every Woman

10 Sep

With such a wide array of styles, fabrics, colors and designs, it makes it really difficult for women to find the perfect panty. From thongs to bikini bottoms, women can find just about everything to suit their individual tastes and styles. The range of panties for sale is simply endless.


With the ability to shop online, there are more options when it comes to buying sexy panties for sale or any other kind of lingerie. There are literally hundreds of styles available on lingerie selling websites, and browsing through these styles from the comfort of our homes makes it all the more easier. However, narrowing down on the perfect panty or bra and panty set could get quite tricky.


Women consider lingerie to be one of the unique elements to feeling sexy. Buying the right type of panty for every occasion is exciting but difficult as well. Understanding the different lingerie styles available and the purpose they serve can help women select the perfect bra and panties match to wear under their stunning outfits.


There are a number of options as far as women’s lingerie is concerned. Mentioned below are some styles of panties on sale. Understanding the purpose they serve will help you find what is right for you.


Thongs: This panty style has been around for a very long time. It serves both, sensual appeal as well as practical objective. Bra and thong sets are available in a variety of fabrics and color choices. Thongs are best suited while wearing light colored linen jeans, close fitting gowns or even the low-rise pants. This panty style will not display any panty lines because the only panty line is around the hips.


Seamless Panties: Seamless panties have become extremely popular to wear under tight outfits. These panties are made on a circular loom that gets rid of the side seams. This panty offers an extremely comfortable fit and a smooth look while wearing tight fitting outfits. Seamless panties for sale are available in a vast array of fabrics, which offer a comfortable feel. For women who prefer thongs, briefs, bikinis or boy shorts, you can find them in a seamless version as well.


Padded Panties: For women who have a flat butt, this panty can enhance your bottom. Padded panties for sale are available in the form of briefs as well as boy shorts with padding in order to enhance the butt area. Women who have always dreamt of having a slant from the back to the legs can now achieve that with this panty style.


Shaping Underwear: Irrespective of the kind of body shape a woman has, she always wants to find new ways to conceal the inevitable bulge. Buying a pair of shaping panties for sale can help smoothen out those rolls. Unlike the old fashioned girdles, these panties are a lot more comfortable. Some women are so fascinated with the results that they never leave home without wearing them.


Briefs: While picturing a typical pair of women’s panties, you are most likely to picture a pair of briefs. These panties are cut like the bottom of a swimsuit. There are certain choices to make while buying briefs, including the rise and the cut on the thigh. Low-rise briefs ride under the belly button and can be extremely sexy.


Boy Shorts: This panty is adorable and comes in various colors and styles. Generally, they are firm fitting and a lot shorter than real shorts. These panties for sale can come with ruffles, lace trim and many other patterns.


G-Strings: G-strings are often referred to as thongs, however there is a slight difference. Both thongs and g-strings are sexy panties that consist of a patch of fabric, which covers the front, and a narrow strip of fabric that sits between the buttocks. However, the strip that is on a g-string is generally narrower than that on a thong. Many women prefer to wear thongs because it helps in hiding the embarrassing panty lines. While wearing a g-string or thong, the buttocks remain uncovered adding that extra bit of sensuality or sexiness.


All these panties for sale serve their own purpose and reason. Boy shorts are innocent and cute while g-strings and thongs are sexy and appealing. Most women opt to stick to what they like depending on the fabric and cut. However, your mood could also play a key role in choosing the type of sexy panties you wear under your outfit. Irrespective of what you may choose, it is the confidence you gain from wearing the right panty style that makes the difference.

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  1. Sheetal September 10, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

    My favorite panty style is the thong. I mostly wear figure-hugging skirts or pants and thongs is what I prefer to wear on the inside. I feel great because I know that there are no panty lines showing through my outfit.

  2. Soha September 10, 2011 at 3:43 pm #

    It was fun reading through this article. I will look forward to reading more such article posted here. Will you be posting anything on designer bikinis?

  3. BIGGER BUTT SECRETS December 16, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    Love the post will be back again to visit and tell friends about excellent site and original posts.

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