Taking Proper Care Of Lingerie

22 Sep

Whenever women buy bra sets or sexy lingerie of any kind, the feel and look of their new intimate apparel is soft and sensuous. Satin and silk lingerie is luxurious and alluring to touch and beautiful to see. Wearing attractive baby dolls or teddies is quite easy and effortless. However, taking proper care of these lingerie items can be quite challenging. If you don’t take proper care of your lace bra and panty set, it would lose its appeal. Nobody likes anything that is discolored and out of shape. Even the most expensive lingerie sets can lose their charm and the comfort that they offer if they are exposed to harsh and wrong washing methods. Lingerie


Delicate satin and lace could become rough, faded, and tattered because of inappropriate washing and drying methods. Therefore, you need to take proper care of your sexy lingerie sets. The better you look after your delicate bra set, panties, baby dolls and bustiers, the longer will they last. Lingerie should always be considered as an investment that needs to be handled gently and carefully. Treating these delicate lingerie items in the right way will ensure a perfect look and feel even after repeated washings.


Even though the tag on the lingerie set states that the set can be washed in a washing machine, ignore it and wash the new bras and panty set by hand. Any lingerie will last much longer as well as retain its texture and color if washed by hand. Drying lingerie on a clothesline is much better than drying it in a machine dryer.


Wash lingerie sets in cold water and use mild detergents. Since cold water and mild detergents help the elastic to retain its stretch and avoids damage to the elastic.


Avoid the use of harsh chlorine bleach as it could damage the fragile satin, lace and mesh used in making the bra and panties match. Always use cleansers that are specifically made to clean delicate items. Certain trims such as, pads, garters and shoulder straps are detachable and should be done before washing. If these are soiled, you can clean them separately.


After cleaning and drying the lingerie set, you must always fold and store it promptly. Make sure that everything is properly dried before putting it away. In order to give the lingerie an extra touch of allure, add a cotton ball dabbed with your favorite perfume.


Some women prefer to put their corsets and bustiers flat in a drawer however they can also be hung in a closet using a hanger. This will ensure that the lingerie maintains its shape.


The straps of bra sets have elastic material to ensure comfort as well as a perfect fit. However, due to extended use, these straps can get stretched over a period of time. Exposure to chemicals can also damage the fabric and materials. Expensive lingerie needs proper care in order to extend its life and continue to offer the same level of comfort as it offered when it way new.


Fasten the hooks of the push up bra prior to washing them. With the hooks left open, the elasticized band is likely to catch on to other clothes and stretch out. Placing the bras in a lingerie bag prior to washing will minimize the risk of stretching.


Air-drying the lingerie sets on a drying rack is always better than drying in the machine dryer. The hot temperatures of an electric dryer could actually spoil the elastic and cause the straps to stretch out before time. Dry the bra flat instead of hanging by the straps, since hanging could cause stretching of the straps.


By following these very basic tips, you will be able to enjoy the vibrant beauty of your sensuous lingerie sets for months or even years to come.

2 Responses to “Taking Proper Care Of Lingerie”

  1. Katy September 22, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    I really appreciate the tips mentioned in this article. Using these tips will certainly help in taking proper care of lingerie. Lingerie is quite an expensive affair and taking care of it is very important. I will look forward to reading more articles such as this that you will post in the future.

  2. jaid September 22, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    I completely agree with the use of cold water to wash innerwear. I do it myself and my lingerie looks fresh and holds the same elasticity as it did when it was new. From my own experience, I would recommend the use of cold water for washing lingerie.

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