The Best Way to Choose the Right Bra Size

27 Nov

Women often face a lot of trouble buying the right bra size. Sometimes they find a bra they like and continue to buy the same type and size for years. However, this works fine only until their bra cup sizes change over time. Most women are often unaware that they are not wearing the right bra, but how to tell if a bra is the correct size? Well, let’s find out.

Choosing the Right Bra Size

The best way to choosing the correct bra size is getting an exact measure of your bra band and bra cup size. Getting the exact measure is not very difficult, but most women find it to be a nuisance and one that is really unnecessary. This is the major mistake women make, as they end up buying something that fits but not perfectly. The wrong bra size can be really uncomfortable and may even look unsightly from under clothing.

Getting the Right Measurement

Your bra size consists of 2 figures, the band size and cup size. You will need to take this measurement by using a tape measure.

Band Size: This measurement is taken around the body, straight under the bust line, over your present bra.

Bra Band Measurement in cms:

• 63-67 is considered as size 30
• 68-72 is considered as size 32
• 73-77 is considered as size 34
• 78-82 is considered as size 36
• 83-87 is considered as size 38
• 88-92 is considered as size 40

Bra Cup Size:

While determining bra cup sizes, the difference between the measurement of the fullest part of the breasts and the band size is taken in account. Subtract this measurement from the band size. Calculate the difference between the 2 measurements and round it off to the nearest inch.

Bra Cup Size Measurement in Inches:

• 1 inch – Cup size A
• Less than 1 inch – Cup size AA
• 2 inches – Cup size B
• 3 inches – size C
• 4 inches – Cup size D
• 5 inches – Cup size DD
• 6 inches – Cup size DDD
• 7 inches – Cup size DDDD
• 8 inches – Cup size FF

Most lingerie stores provide tables like these, which make measuring bra cup sizes easier than you think.

Once you have confirmed your size, make sure the bra fits perfectly by trying it on. With the different types and styles available, bra sizes may differ in terms of what fits someone properly may not fit another. The best bet is to try on the bra to ensure it fits perfectly. Do not to feel shy about getting yourself measured. Getting the right measurement will ensure you a perfectly fitted bra.

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    This post was really interesting and helpful. I am glad to have come across this post and I am sure it will prove helpful for a lot of women. Thanks for the help.

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