The Bikini: The Ins and Outs of Bikinis

8 Aug

With the bright, shining sun and an increase in temperatures, everyone prefers to rush to the beach. Bikinis are a common sight on beaches. During summer months, women are seen shopping for bikinis at a bikini sale to get ready for the beach season. They buy bikinis that stand out due to their varied designs and colors.


The ‘Bikini’ is a two pieced swimsuit used by women. One piece is meant to cover the breasts and the other covers the buttocks. Although the bikini was initially created in the early 1900’s it took many years to gain acceptance around the world. In the early days, bikinis were banned on beaches. Bikinis can be referred to as fashion swimwear as they are designed to enhance a woman’s curves.


Bikinis are generally sold as separates or a bikini set. Bikini tops and panties are sold separately in order to allow women to mix and match their panties with their bikini tops.


Bikini sets are very easily available in a vide array of designs, styles, fabrics and colors in a store, online lingerie selling websites or simply at a bikini sale. Bikinis are available in all possible colors. You can even get some accessories that go along with the bikini. Bikini sets are designed with a lot of care in order to give them some uniqueness. There are flirty designs available for the sexy feminine look. Bikinis are specifically designed for the modern and confident women of today, who always want a different and new look.


Some designers design or create bikinis according to every season, for instance using bright and bold colors in summer months and soft and sober colors in other seasons. Bikinis come in a variety of prints and floral patterns. The most common colors in bikinis are black, white, red, yellow and blue. There are even bikinis that come with embellishments either using lace, smocks, stones, crystals, beads, and sometimes even in the form of embroidery.


Besides the usual bikinis, which are available at a bikini sale, there are designer bikinis that are available in big stores or online lingerie websites. Designer bikinis are quite popular amongst women these days. They wear designer bikinis to stand out in a crowd. Designer bikinis are quite appealing due to their colors, styles and fabric. Most celebrities prefer designer bikinis for their elegant looks and high quality fabric.


Designer bikinis are available for poolside lounging as well as beachwear. Designer swimwear consists of swimsuits, bikinis and sarongs. Designers create new and exquisite collections, which combine a sleek look and comfortable feel. Designer bikinis could be paired along with a matching sarong in order to get a cool look.

Bikini Styles:


There are many different styles of bikinis such as String bikini, Sling bikini, Microkini, Monokini, Pubkini, Tankini, Bandini, Camikini, Maillot, Boy shorts, etc.


String Bikini: This bikini is a combination of small pieces of fabric and strings. The top has 2 pieces of strings on each end and the bottom has 2 small fabrics attached near the groin triangles. These pieces of fabric are joined to strings that run around the waist.


Tankini: This bikini is called a modest bikini as it only consists of a bikini bottom along with a tank top. The tankini bikini covers the entire area from under the arm to the navel.

Sling Bikini: This bikini is also called the slingshot bikini. It’s attached to straps or strings that move upwards and meet near the neck. They cover the breasts and the straps do not hang around near the waist.

Microkini: This style of bikini is considered by most people as next to nudity, since it only has a piece of fabric which only covers the pubic area. It’s attached to an extended strip, which is hanging around the waist.

Pubkini: This is an extreme bikini style and involves very little use of fabric.

Whether to sizzle or just stay plain and simple, there are so many styles of bikinis which are designed to enhance feminine beauty. With such a wide range of styles, designs and prices, bikinis can be very easily bought in a hot and sizzling style that a woman desires. Thank you.

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  1. Soha August 8, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    I am a beach person and love wearing my bikini at the beach. Personally, I love wearing designer bikinis due to the high quality fabrics as well as the new and fresh designs. However, if I do come across a bikini with a good design or color and decent fabric quality at any bikini sale, I buy it right away even if it’s not a designer bikini.

  2. Riya August 8, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    I loved reading through this brief but interesting post. I am 32 years of age and slightly on the heavier side. Although, I would love to wear a string or thong bikini, I usually stick to a Tankini since it covers my midriff and doesn’t make me feel too conscious. Thanks.

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