The Solution for Visible Panty Lines.

6 Jul

Visible panty lines are amongst the most intractable fashion problems that women face today. While panty lines weren’t much of a problem in the past, it has become a huge concern for women today. With tight fitting and low waist clothes, visible panty lines are an embarrassment and a major turn off. Well, here are a few ways in which women can get rid of embarrassing wedges, ride-ups, bunching and visible panty lines. Thong Panty

Tips To Get Rid Of Visible Panty Lines


Using thongs is an effective way to avoid panty lines. It is the ability to get rid of visible panty lines which makes thongs a solution to ever lingering problem embarrassing panty lines. However, in case you are shopping for lingerie online, ensure that the thong size is right and not too tight.


Many women think that briefs are only meant for men, but that is not the case. Briefs can be worn by women as well, and can help avoid panty lines. Choose briefs made from fabrics like nylon or silk because they cling to the body and are not too tight.


Another panty style to get rid of panty lines are boy shorts. These panties are made from electric mesh, and are stretchy, which makes them very comfortable. Boy shorts do not ride up and cluster to form panty lines. They do possess thick bulky elastics, but it fixes around the bottom, thus avoiding the formation of panty lines.


Boxer briefs are another style that women can consider wearing without bothering about the any kind of bulges formed due to elastics and fabrics. However, keep away from very loose fitting boxers as they may result in bulges.


In order to get rid of visible panty lines, women can also consider body shaping innerwear that is more comfortable to wear as compared to other types of panties. This body hugging panty style has been inspired by bicycle shorts. They start from the waist down to the mid-thigh. A majority of body hugging innerwear is made using a material known as spandex, which does not cause visible panty lines.


While women buy pantie sets, it is better to avoid buying cotton panties if they want to get rid of visible panty lines. Although cotton innerwear is known for its comfort, they contain elastics which tend to roll up while wearing them all through the day. Cotton panties can also bulge from behind. In case you wish to buy panties made from cotton, go for seamless panties that have thin elastic bands, lesser stitching, and a subtle hem line.


When you buy pantie set, keep in mind that size matters. Never buy very loose fitting panties as they will skulk or gather up, and tight fitting panties will bind and pinch you, consequently creating visible panty lines. Particularly while shopping for lingerie online, it is important that you know the right size and order lingerie from a site that has an exchange or refund policy so that you don’t end-up with something that does not fit perfectly.


Finding panties that fit comfortably is not all that difficult as long as you know what to buy and where to buy it from. With the help of a few basic tips, it is quite easy to find and wear the perfect fitting panty without visible panty lines.

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