Thongs are Undeniably a Versatile Piece of Lingerie

19 Dec

Out of all of the various styles in women’s underwear, thongs are possibly the most famous and commonest of styles. It is no secret that thongs for women have come a long way since their launch into the world of lingerie. Sometimes women wear them to avoid showing panty lines through tight skirts, pants, or dresses and sometimes they are worn because they feel more sensuous and comfortable. Women prefer to wear this panty style rather than wearing full-size granny panties or regular briefs.

Different Styles

Many women feel that this sensuous undergarment is only available in one style, but that is not true. The different styles of thongs for women include:


This style has a tiny piece of fabric at the rear, which runs from the back edge of the hips onto the center of the rear. It offers more coverage than the g-string, and has fabric in the front, in a triangle shape. It is quite a popular style and a lot of girls and women prefer them for daily use.


G-strings are more popular as beach wear. Whimsically called ‘butt floss’, g-strings consists of a band that runs around the hips and a tiny triangle piece of fabric on the back where the band meets the string that runs in between the buttocks. Since the string is snug, some women find this style to be uncomfortable.


T-string is by far the scantiest form of lingerie and offers very little coverage. A t-string has a thin string band that horizontally runs around the hip. It has a triangle fabric that covers the pubic area and a string that runs from under the buttocks to the horizontal band on the hips. There isn’t much fabric at the rear end.


Compared to G-strings, the Tanga provides a lot more coverage. The front area is completely covered and the fabric at the back is higher cut, usually curving up a couple of inches above the buttock.

Wide Assortment

There is a wide assortment of thongs for women, available in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics. For a sexy look, material like satin, silk, and leather are good options, but might not be the ideal choice for all-day comfort. In case you are trying this style for the first time, it is best to stick to soft, comfortable fabrics like cotton. Cotton is great for everyday use because it is lightweight and very breathable, allowing air to circulate between your skin and the fabric.

Once donned only by strippers, these panties are now amongst the hottest selling pieces of lingerie. So, irrespective of whether you want to feel sexy and feminine or spice up your love life, consider trying out this sensuous panty style. Most women who criticize this panty have never tried them! So try this versatile piece of innerwear and see for yourself!

2 Responses to “Thongs are Undeniably a Versatile Piece of Lingerie”

  1. Sammy December 21, 2012 at 9:30 am #

    I am a big fan of thongs. Since I often wear tight skirts and pants, this panty style has become a must for me. Contrary to the opinions of a lot of other women, I find thongs comfortable to wear.

  2. ANU December 29, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    I had always wanted to try thongs and eventually did. At first I found them rather uncomfortable, but I soon got used to them and just love them now.

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