Top Tips to Avoid Wearing Uncomfortable Women’s Underwear

20 Nov

Nothing can be more discomforting for a woman than ill-fitting undergarments. Undergarments that are pinching, poking or digging into soft areas of the body can cause a lot of discomfort to any woman. It is also embarrassing because adjusting innerwear in public can be very difficult. The discomfort is usually caused due to a bad fit, wrong style or poor quality materials. Let’s discuss some tips to avoid wearing uncomfortable undergarments.

Ensure Proper Measurement

The first thing to consider while shopping for undergarments is to ensure proper measurement. Underwear that is either too small or too big creates an uneven silhouette. This causes lumps, folds or creases that are unsightly and uncomfortable. The best way to avoid such problems is to ensure that you have the correct measurements before shopping. If you are not comfortable getting yourself measured or trying on underwear at the lingerie store, get yourself measured at home.

Spring Clean your Lingerie Drawer

Another way to avoid uncomfortable ladies underwear is to spring clean your lingerie drawer every 6 months. Get rid of items that are losing shape and no-longer fit well. Unfortunately, most women often neglect this aspect and don’t realize that old lingerie loses it shape and elasticity over time, and also that their size may have changed since the last time they purchased lingerie.

Pay Special Attention to Material

While buying women’s lingerie which has laces and embellishments, ensure the materials used are soft. Stiff and scratchy embellishments can cause a lot of discomfort. Also, avoid synthetic fabrics if you live in places with hot climate, as synthetic material cause sweating. Instead, choose natural fabrics like cotton, which leave you feeling fresher for longer. While choosing bras, avoid underwire bras and bras with stiffening materials under the cups. These can be very uncomfortable if they rub or dig into the skin.

Choose the Right Style

Buying the wrong style of ladies underwear is another common mistake. For instance, thongs are best for women who frequently wear tight skirts or pants. Buying a pair of regular briefs to wear under tight clothes causes embarrassing panty lines. Similarly, wearing regular bras for sporting activities or exercising will not provide the kind of support that sports bras offer, thus making you feel uncomfortable. Hence, choosing a style according to the purpose it serves will ensure comfort and the perfect fit.

Always take time to look at the finer details of ladies underwear before deciding to buy any. Keeping these simple tips in mind will really make the difference and help women avoid a discomforting and embarrassing situation. These tips will ensure that you pick the right size and style, thus ensuring a perfect fit.

2 Responses to “Top Tips to Avoid Wearing Uncomfortable Women’s Underwear”

  1. Venessa Egans November 27, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    I am really glad to have come across this post. It was interesting and informative. The simple tips mentioned in the post will definitely prove helpful for a lot of women.

  2. Cyndy December 10, 2012 at 7:29 am #

    I completely agree when you say that nothing can be more discomforting than uncomfortable lingerie because I have experienced it myself. Thanks for the advice.

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