What Bra Style Should I Buy?

25 Jul

With such a wide variety of bra styles in the market today, women find it hard to decide what style to buy. Here are some top bra styles to help you decide what to buy

We are still a society that judges us by the way we look. In order to look good on the outside, it is also important that we wear the perfect undergarments. The perfect lingerie will help women to look fantastic and feel confident. Hence, it is important to buy bra sets that fit perfectly and serve the right purpose. Mentioned below are some bra styles and the purpose they serve.

Different Bra Styles:

Push-Up Bras: A push up bra is designed to push the breasts upwards. It offers fuller looking breasts and cleavage, with or without padding. A lot of women own these bras and love the enhanced cleavage it offers.

Push Up Bra

Convertible Bras: A convertible bra is one of the most popular and commonly used bra styles amongst fashion conscious women. It has detachable straps that can be arranged in different ways, so the bra can be worn with different types of outfits including strapless and backless dresses.

Convertible Bra

Soft Cup Bras: These bras do not have underwires that poke through. This is an excellent bra style if you are looking for comfort.

Soft Cup Bra

Sports Bra: Sports bras are designed for moderate to intense physical activity. These bras are specifically designed to provide maximum support, and to prevent the breasts from bouncing during workouts, dancing or playing sports.

Sports Bra

Minimizer Bra: This bra is preferred by plus size women or women who have large breasts. A minimizer bra reduces the bust-line and makes the breasts appear smaller. It helps reduce the bust-line by up to an inch.

Minimizer Bra

T-Shirt Bras: This bra creates a smooth finish under the clothes. It helps shape the breast area and hides the nipples while wearing a t-shirt.

Tshirt Bra

Padded Bras: These bras have compartments containing foam pads built into the cups. It helps enhance the shape of the breast area.

Padded Bra

Strapless Bras: These bras do not have straps and are specifically designed to be worn under strapless outfits. It is an excellent bra style for women who love wearing strapless dresses or blouses for evening parties.

Strapless Bra

Full Support Bras: These bras are worn by full breasted women for daily wear. Full support bras offer excellent support and comfort throughout the day.

Full Cover Bra

These were some common bra styles that serve different purposes. You can buy bra sets online or from a lingerie store at a mall. However, shopping for lingerie online is a much better alternative because of the wide range of styles, designs, colors and price ranges available online.

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